[x] Bahamut IPv6 - SSL Unofficial Patch - http://bahamut-inet6.sourceforge.net

Unofficial patch for DALnetʹs Bahamut IRC daemon, which adds complete IPv6 and SSL v2/v3 (using the OpenSSL toolkit) support.

Welcome to the official website of the unofficial IPv6 and SSL patch for the Bahamut IRCd !
Itʹs actually in a STABLE stage. Itʹs codebase is bahamut-1.4.36-release, which you can download from here, while this is a direct link to the releases page.
Please do not ask in #bahamut@DALnet if and when this will become official.

    People involved:
  • Bahamut team – provided very fine IRC server to base on
  • vjt and tsk from Azzurra network – initial IPv6 port
  • monas from Aitvaras network – bugfixes and stable release

Feel free to download it, use it, and, if needed, make a bugreport on it.

SSL support
You can use any client combined with stunnel, the universal SSL wrapper, or an SSL-enabled client.
SSL-enabled clients
BitchX has some problems with ssl connections, and does not support the raw 275 used by bahamut-ssl.
tsk wrote a patch downloadable in the files section.
xchat works fine.
mIRC must use a windows version of stunnel, downloadable also from the files section. A tiny .mrc script is included.
Is now available a patch for irssi that adds SSL support !!
You can download it from here.
Documentation is available here.

This is free software, released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, or,
at your option, any later version: the same as the original Bahamut code.

Project Summary
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